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IMHOTEP SARL is a company based in Douala Cameroon, established since 1991.
IMHOTEP SARL is approved as Consulting engineer and Technical Expert, and has a long and solid experience in Project management,
Control and monitoring missions in the Building Construction sector.

The founder and CEO is a former engineer from French SOCOTEC Control Bureau with nearly 13 years serving the SOCOTEC and over 150 building sites with SOCOTEC as Project Manager and Head of Mission Control.

Since 20 years, IMHOTEP SARL has established itself as a major player
of the Cameroon landscape in the construction sector: STUDIES - EXPERTISE - TECHNICAL CONTROL - TRADING.

Since 2013, IMHOTEP SARL expands internationally with partnerships in Canada and Switzerland.

The IT department has been created in 2013 in order to deliver IT solutions to the real estate sector, construction, agriculture and trading sector.

The trading department has been created in 2014 in order to allow Imhotep SARL to diversify and offer brokerage services in international trading operations. Part_logo